Cowboys Roster

Meet the Dallas Cowboys

If you buy Dallas Cowboys tickets, you will have a great opportunity to see some of the greatest Dallas stars. You have a chance to be the part of this amazing world of champions. Watch these boys who give their best to score a goal and bring the victory to their team. If you take the collector football cards, you might get an autograph of one of the greatest football players including:

Tony Romo: The great quarterback who just recovered really well after the surgery. Romo broke Dallas Cowboys team records. He will definitely have an outstanding and successful year.

Jason Witten: Jason is one of the greatest football tight end in the National Football League (NFL) who holds the Cowboys franchise records for career receptions. Witten is simply one of the most prolific pass-catchers of all times.

DeMarco Murray: DeMarco is a young running back born in America, who has many things to show this year. He has been improving very well recently and in case you buy Dallas Cowboys tickets, you will want to keep your eye on this young running back; this guy is so quick, if you blink, you may miss his great running play.

Lance Lewis: Lance recently joined the Dallas Cowboys as a wide receiver. The Washington Redskins definitely made a fatal mistake giving this great star to Dallas. Keep an eye on Tony Romo and see the way this amazing guy makes some great throws to Lance resulting in first downs and touchdowns.

Dez Bryant: If Lance Lewis is covered, watch out for wide receiver Dez Bryant to be wide open. No team will be able to cover both of these Dallas stars. With Romo’s great arm, and these ball-catcher’s abilities, Dallas will definitely be the team which won’t be defeated that easy.

DeVonte Holloman: You can never leave the defensive squad out of the Dallas’ star mix. DeVonte is a young star and middle linebacker who just loves to jam and sack the rival teams quarterback. When you get your Dallas Cowboys tickets, keep your eyes on DeVonte as he weaves and waggles his way through the offensive lines to sack the opposing force.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Be the part of the team, be the sixteenth player. If you are a passionate rugby lover, you will definitely have a lot to see this time. The Cowboys are going to have a great year. Mark my words!

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