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The Dodger Stadium, as the name suggests, is the playing arena for Los Angeles Dodgers team in the Major League Baseball competition. Located at 1000 Alysian Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012, the Dodger Stadium is the third oldest arena being used for MLB and proudly stands as one of the most novel and picturesque settings for the sport. Carved beautifully into the Chavez Ravinet hillside, the stadium overlooks down town Los Angeles to its south and San Gabriel Mountains to its north.

Since its inauguration in 1962, the Dodger Stadium has been host to over 147 million fans. This baseball cathedral topped the 3.85 million milestone in 2007, thereby setting an all-time high franchise record. The stadium also hosted several MLB all-star games and as well as World Series. It was also used to cater the 1984 Summer Olympics. Over the past decades, the Dodger Stadium has seen considerable improvements such as addition of new scoreboards, renovation of field level, etc. Recently, the stadium was also used for a football tournament. Currently, the stadium is undergoing landmark visual and behind-the-scenes changes. The pilot project includes installation of HD video screens, better sound system, more spacious interiors, renovated clubhouse and cool WiFi network accessibility. Several major events were also catered by the Dodger Stadium like concerts of artists like Elton John, The Jacksons, Madonna. It also appeared on main stream films like Transformers, Superman Returns, The Naked Gun and The Fast and the Furious.

For ease of transportation, the Dodger Stadium has more than a single entrance on game days. To avoid traffic, fans can take alternative arrival routes which they can easily track down via internet. While the general parking charges are $10 in advance and $15 at gate, the preferred parking facility comes at $35 in advance and $50 at gate. For those who want to come on bikes, there are special bike racks located all around the stadium. Metro will be running an exclusive Dodger Stadium Express bus service from the Union Station in down town Los Angeles to the Dodger Stadium for year 2014.

Fans can also buy great merchandise from the various stores that are open inside the stadium on game days. The 2014 promotions include the Bullpen MVP Cap, Los Angeles Dodgers T-Shirts, Signature Script T-Shirts, Mini Bats & Fan Hands, apart from the regular Dodger tickets for sale.

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