South Park Guys Write Musical

Book of Mormon is the Best Musical of the 21st Century

Famously known as this century’s best musical, the Book of Mormon is worth a watch. The worthy and talented star cast, each playing its role of being a member of the Broadway church casts a spell on its audience. It is a perfect get away from the daily turmoil of mundane life and experience a magical feeling that is paradisiacal filled with music. The musical is bound to touch the heart of those who watch it to the core. The production standards are impeccable and praiseworthy, as most of the viewers have commended the team upon its excellent acting skills. The combination of humor and obscenity, the classic and the revolutionary, the mix of humanity and hilariousness has been balanced and played with such sophistication that the audiences are left dazzled with the execution of the play.

This extravaganza of dance and songs with gags, jokes and show tunes will set your mind on a level distanced and higher than your ordinary life. Abiding by the rules of a musical, the Book of Mormon is a unique trial which sets and redefines the genre and explores its potentiality. The makers of South Park have given a new kick with the Book of Mormon which primarily deals with the concept of cultural exchanges. However, the entire tale of two friends embarking upon a journey to preach and invite war struck people to the religion of peace has its share of stories, adventures, wisdom and a lot of religious learnings in a manner that is guaranteed to linger in the mind for a long time to come after watching the play.

The quality of the script along with its strong directorial elements, are surely strong enough to catch the attention of an individual. Specifically those audience members who are fairly alien from the genres of art and music, and might just be planning to watch a musical for its songs and dances. There will hardly be a time when there will not be a burst out of laughter even, if the story swelled tears in the eyes just a few minutes back.

In order to lay your hands on cheap Book of Mormon tickets, you can check out websites like, , These and many more are there to provide cheap Book of Mormon tickets and aid in the experience of a splendid evening. From the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker along with Robert Lopez, the co-creator of Avenue Q the musical is a must watch. With such names hitting Broadway, history is bound to be recreated.

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